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Conquer 1st to 6th Grade topics with practice questions animated to life!

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A passport for a brighter future! Learn fluently in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Gamified learning for elementary school students.

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Titik Pintar is a gamification of the elementary school curriculum. We're specialized to make kids have fun while they acquire life skills, tackle difficult subjects faced in school, & pass with flying colors! Studying has never been this fun.

Why Kids Love It


Challenge both your friends and your fears with quizzes! Review through all the hard parts.


Level up some more to get brag-worthy badges, coins, & experience points!


Spend in our Titik Pintar Store – accessorise your avatars, buy everyday stationaries & must have goodies!


Playing for a free 15 minutes a day would surely not be enough.

Through purchasing our freemium learning app as support – kids can play longer with more questions to get smarter and more features made better.

For a small fee parents can also:

Be with their child in every step!

  1. TRACK the time spent and the progress they’ve made
  2. SET goals and side by side comparisons with peers across Indonesia
  3. REFER and with every friend you tell, you can get a freemium month!